Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Wild Life

Now we have heard of nuisance bears but in this town and reserve there are nuisance cougars spotted and no I don't mean the old lady variety that go for a lot younger man I mean the cat variety. Yesterday there was one near the entrance to the reserve stalking someone walking from town to the reserve. He had headphones on and three dogs with him. The dogs were barking like crazy at something behind him. He eventually looked behind him and he said the cougar was looking like it was getting ready to attack. He took off running in one direction and 2 of the dogs went with him the other went in the other direction. He said that he looked back just to see the cougar trip and grab the one dog and go off into the bush with it. We are all told to stay indoors and go out only if needed. Conservation officers were called and they did shoot the young cougar once it was found. But there are still at least 2 more around. They have seen prints of different sized cougars in the area and in town. How scary. I guess I really don't want to go walking by myself right now. Hopefully the others will soon move on. But with so many little animals (dogs and cats included) they may not want to.

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  1. Yes, it bit scary and hopefully they will move on. Don't be like your mom and I when we ate a bunch of smoked salmon in bear country!