Thursday, September 17, 2009

Friendly Cove

The boat at the dock at Friendly Cove

The Light house at Friendly Cove.

This is the home of the Family who lives full time out at Friendly Cove

One of the Views on the way out to Friendly Cove.

Friendly Cove is where Captain Cook first met the First Nations peoples of Nootka sound. There is still one family who still lives there and takes care of the land. Every year a campout happens there and everyone finds it refreshing to be there. It is also called Yuquot which means where the four winds blow. During the summer there is a boat that goes out there twice a week for 1.5 hrs to 3 hrs depending on the day. It takes about 2 hrs each way but worth the trip here are some pictures taken on my trip out.......

Friendly Cove stained glass windows

These two stained glass windows are at the church in Friendly Cove. The top photo the caption reads Reunion De los Capitanes Bodega-Quadra & Vancouver 28 Agosta de 1792

The caption on this one reads
Father Magin Catala Preaching to the Indians
Nootka- 1794-1830

Gold River Forest Fire

So we had some excitement this summer, This is a pic of the smoke on the hill right in the village of Gold River. The fire came within 1.5 KM of the village and not closer.
The Pictures of the flames are not clear until you expand them .......

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Tin Wis Resort in Tofino

This is the Tin Wis Resort near Tofino. At one point it was a residential school in which the First Nations People have converted to a great resort.

This is the Beach just steps from the Tin Wis Resort. The hotel is near Tofino.

The Sunset at the Tin Wis Resort so beautiful.

The great elk--dog stand off. It was funny to watch.

Here are a couple of planes that I get to fly in weekly to get to and from work. In good weather I would recommend that anyone take to scenic flight, but in the winter when the weather is bad well.......

This is a view of from the air on the way to work. Tough job hey.

odds and ends

This is one of the views, of the instruments on one of the planes, I fly in to get into and out of the isolated communities I go to.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Tuesday September 1 2009

Well I have worked and lived on the west coast of Vancouver Island, in First Nation communities now for two years and this would have been an interesting challenge to do from the start, but I guess better late than never. I fly out to a couple of reserves via float plane on a regular basis. Well today I was on the plane and out in my isolated communities. Well there was red tide today and the water actually looked like blood. Very interesting I don't think in the two years flying Ive seen red tide before. To bad I didn't have my camera handy, it was in my bag in the cargo hold. It was a very uneventfully flight calm and sunny, with a ton of fog, coming in off the open ocean, good thing we didn't need to go through it. Its hard to land on water if there is fog, you have to hope to find an open hole (in the cloud cover) so you can get through. Its fun though.