Sunday, January 31, 2010

Views from the Air Jan 2010

A Rainbow is very cool thing to see while flying.

It was not sunset but the sun was at that side of the plane - it was only about 3:45 pm.

Remote Community

Here are Views of one of my small communities I go to and a couple of the homes I visit.
Quit and peaceful here.

Zeballos Dock

Here is the View at the Zeballos Dock very peaceful.


No these pictures were not taken to test everyone on can you find the elk but...... Can you find the Elk?

The elk in the last two photos are really hard to see I guess nature know what its doing to allow animals to have camouflage.

You really need to be careful on the road between Gold River and Campbell River as these guys were seen on the side of the road on a straight stretch.