Wednesday, April 23, 2014

To new adventures

I left Victoria on Easter Sunday for a new adventure and that was three days ago.  The first night the plan was to stay in Golden BUT that did not happen.  Coming into Sicamous my car seemed to lose power, but with shutting off the car and turning it back on I made it there.  I filled up with gas there and checked the other fluids which all to be fine so I left.  Then between Sicamous and Revelstoke my car first stalled then the check engine light started to flash.  I pulled over and called BCAA for a tow.  It took an hour and a half for them to get to me and they took me into Revelstoke and dropped my car at the Ford dealership.  Easter Monday I went to the dealership and explained what was happening and they figured my car would be ready at 2 pm.  At 2 pm they would know by the end of  day when they would get more parts in to fix it and they didn't know when they could get me my car back.  But I had to start work in Brooks Alberta on Thursday.   Long story shortened I ended up trading it in on a car 2 years newer and went to Golden that night instead of Calgary like planned.  I made it to Brooks the day planned.  Thankfully I had contact with my parents and I made it safely.  Now if I can only find something permanent for work great if not back to BC I go.