Friday, June 1, 2012

June 1 2012

Well I'm up for another busy weekend. (not really I'm Exhausted) After work tonight I have time for a quick dinner then off to grad there are two teens from the church graduating. Then home for some laundry then a quick nap then up to be ready to go at 3 am to man check point 2 for the Great Walk. The Great Walk is a 61 ish KM walk from Gold River to Tahsis. I think it also counts as an ultra marathon as some poor fools run it. It should hopefully be good. The road to Tahsis will be closed 4 am - 8 pm I don't think we need to be at check point 2 the whole time I think once the last walker is past us we can leave so who knows what time we will be done and able to have another nap.

Also there is a wedding at the Big House here at Tsaxana and everyone is invited. I may come out to it depending on what time it starts and what time we finish with the Great Walk and how exhausted I really end up being.