Monday, September 27, 2010


Well we have had an aircraft and Marine warning for the Zeballos area. We are not to visit until further notice. Here is a picture of the "road" to Zeballos good luck getting in via road. It sounds like the town of Zeballos is looking at getting a barge from Victoria to bring in food to the area since they are basically cut off. There are of course people did get stuck out of the community and the others are stuck in the community. I guess I will play it by ear to see if I go out next week.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Egress Part 3

Now comes the start of the hard work. Getting into a lifeboat....Now there comes a point where a persons hands and limbs are to cold to get them selves into the lifeboat and here is how the people in the boat help....
Escaping from the "Plane" through a window....

here is the simulator that straps us to the seat of a plane....

Now you have to escape through the door, remembering to grab your life jacket on the way out.


Egress training part 2

Okay everyone in the water and now grab a life jacket.Now inflate the life jacket
Another group hug

A group hug while keeping someone afloat who is injured

Now get into lines an paddle to shore but only if the shore is close.

Are we having fun yet??????. the hard stuff we are still getting to.

Aviation Egress training PT 1

Look at all the crazy people who don't know what they signed up for. We are just learning some of the possible causes of a float plane crash.

Now we are at the pool in a group hug. Okay there is a reason for this....when wet (and in really cold water) staying warm is important and the more people together the warmer you are in theory...

The next two photos are of us learning about the apparatus's we are about to use in the water.


Friday, September 17, 2010

September 17, 2010

This week was kind of interesting at work. It started out on Monday with conservation officers on the reservation near Gold River when we got to work at 7:45 am. They ended up shooting 3 or 4 bears that have been a nuisance on the reservation for weeks now. I guess they finally did something after someone got "attacked". Apparently a bear hit a person who was fishing. There are still bears roaming the town of Gold River, there is also a cougar roaming the town as well. I have seen the bears, not the cougar (yet).