Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Yesterday I left work looked back toward the office and look what was in the sky.....

It looked like it was a full rainbow but with the trees in the way it was hard to tell. I guess that's one cool thing about the rain we get to see rainbows.

Zeballos trip

Okay our cars do get very dirty when we travel. You can't tell very well by the photo but it does.Below is the new band office at Oclucji.

Campbell River

We were going to leave Campbell River at 8 am to drive to Zeballos so we stayed the night there. We were given rooms on the 6th floor over looking the harbour. I watched the ferry come in and out and in and out. I guess just across the bay.


Well summer was short..... Way to short.
It is definitely fall now. It has done nothing but rain here for days if not heading into weeks. I did get up and go for a walk today even though it was pouring out. The last few nights I swear there has been thunder but I don't recall seeing the lighting. But this morning I did see lighting.