Tuesday, January 4, 2011

January 04 2011

Now that it is a new year I guess it is time to get on here again. Well I finally have water again as of late yesterday but there was a dripping pipe that lead into my hot water tank. The guys who got the water running didn't want to deal with that as well yesterday. Its a good thing I know people. Romeo came to the rescue and fixed it in 2 minutes, it was leaking at a valve that turned would cut the water off from entering my place from the main line through the ceiling. Apparently it just needed to be tightened.

After a fitful sleep I felt like I really never did get into a deep sleep my alarm went off and it was back to work after a couple weeks off over the Christmas break. No one really wanted to be here and we are all dragging our butts. The band office is closed today due to a funeral so it is very very quiet. And to top it off it started snowing 45 minutes ago, the weather forecast is for rain. But there is a snow fall warning for the island so I shouldn't be to surprised to see snow. I should bring in my camera to work the long house has had a bunch of work done on it and I should add more photos.

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